Love Your Brain Fundraiser

I’d like to introduce you to, Serious Bernie. He doesn’t do a lot of public appearances so this is certainly a special occasion. 

Serious Bernie discusses the details of his bicycle injury as well as the lasting effects of TBI, the importance of creativity, and so much more within this discussion with Kristy Mandour of The Closet Series on Youtube. Kristy is a writer, speaker, energy leader, presentation coach…and an angel on earth.  

When Kristy heard I was raising awareness for Love Your Brain, she immediately wanted to help…and the idea of this discussion was born. After it was published I quickly met my goal, but I believe this video is not necessarily about raising funds but raising awareness. You can still donate if you feel called to do so, too, either through purchasing a book or directly (links below). Please watch the video to understand the purpose a little more, too. Fair warning, this is a deep dive into some serious stuff, but it’s all therapeutic, and pass it on to whoever you think it will help. 

Please check out LoveYourBrain when you can to understand their purpose more and I think you'll agree on this to be a worthy organization. My fundraising efforts for them are twofold; 

  1. Donating directly to this page I’ve set up on their website:
  2. I’ll also donate 100% of the profits of my book to LYB from Thanksgiving to the New Year:
Thank you all for your continued support. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Glorious Days, Beautiful Dreams, etc, etc, etc…
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