Top 10 ways to help reconnect with your inner child:

1. Live in the Moment   
This is the most important time of any day. The present. Embrace it fully without thinking of the past or the future. There is magic here.

2. Be Silly   
Being silly is the easiest way to get back to the mindset of a child...not acting like a child, but expanding the mind to forget all the serious stuff that clouds our way.

3. Laugh at Yourself    
I'm sure this can be an extension of the previous point. It's ok to not take yourself too seriously at times. It can humanize us. It grounds us.

4. Daydream
I wouldn't even say to find time to do this, but allow your mind to wander at times and see where it goes.

5. Draw Outside the Lines     
Make shit up, explore, make believe, and don't ask for permission.

6. Play Nice   
This one is more of a reminder to not lose touch with the values you gained in grade school, or at home. Apologize when it makes sense. Own up to something you did wrong. Don't be a dick.

7. Practice   
Nothing will be handed to you, and practice does make perfect (although nothing is truly perfect). There is no such thing as immediate success, everything takes times.

8. Have a Hero   
Find inspiration in others, nuff said.

9. Give Shit Away   
I've given away more art or books than I've probably sold, and it feels amazing every damn time. Make it as random as you want and surprise even yourself when it happens.

10. Be yourself
No one does it better.

11. Be patient (bonus point)
Use nature as your guide with this one. Use this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson as your reminder: "Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience".

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