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Curious Reality of Imagination sheds a brilliant light on the secrets of the author's imagination. Bernie Freytag gives us just enough to understand that, when our eyes are open to the mysteries of the Cosmos, the Universe, in turn, will give us answers that we may or may not be seeking. 

Throughout the pages, this gentle message that there is much more to this thing called life is clear, as is the ease with which the reader falls into the divine ramblings as they meander toward the end of the book. The reader is taken on a journey through the childlike wonder of opening one’s eyes to the mystical Universe. We are more, more than our ego-led selves are capable of seeing. Our imaginations as well as the creations that come from them are indications that we are part of the power of the Cosmos. This is a truism that most miss but that is front and center in the pages of this book. Perhaps we all just need to spin our wheels a little less and just accept what too few are capable of comprehending; there is most definitely more to life…and imagination… than we understand.
As the author has touched on, we are part of an interconnectedness that makes its presence known through signs, synchronicities, and this beautiful knowledge that we are living this path for a reason. It all means something. This mysterious intelligence, this energy, is in everything. It’s in every word, phrase, and paragraph of Mr. Freytag’s book, and it’s in every line of his drawings. It’s in every thought that we have. The author has an awareness that has enabled him to understand that the Universe speaks to us in many ways, whether it be through music, art, writing, or those darn “coincidences.” (I’m with you, Bernie. There are no coincidences.)
This book takes us on a journey, a path that is both informative yet uncategorized, compelling yet indeterminate. But that is its beauty, for who is to say that what comes from our imaginations SHOULD be able to be classified or is resolute? As the author lets us in on his creative world, he shows us that all paths eventually lead us to where we are supposed to go. The Curious Reality of Imagination allows us to grasp the absolutely beautiful possibilities in us and in life. Bravo.”
Carrie Wright-Christopher
Author of A Lucky Turn


"Get ready to meander through musings about the synergy of personal imagination and creativity with that of the Universe of which we are all a part. With echoes of Jung’s “collective unconscious,” Redfield’s, “Celestine Prophecy,” psychological concepts such as “flow,” and post-traumatic growth, as well as odes to other creative writers such as Julia Cameron (“The Artist’s Way”), Bernie Freytag takes us on a gently humorous but deep dive into the creative process. He invites even the most skeptical and analytical of us to take a look at how we think, and how our thinking may block our own creativity and appreciation for the Universe within us and around us.

With a wonderful mix of prose, illustrations and poetry, Freytag invites us to consider suspending our analytical minds, to seize moments of synergy with the Universe rather than rushing to the next scheduled activity. This simple, gentle invitation has the power to impact how we interact with ourselves, others and the world. Perhaps we can allow a moment of serendipity to unfold, be more willing to take ownership of our own vulnerability, and more able to observe (and perhaps facilitate) connections between ourselves, others, and the Universe. That can only be of benefit."

Mary G Brownsberger, PsyD, ABPP
Board Certified in Rehabilitation Psychology
Pennsylvania, USA



"A lovely read! Poetry, art, and storytelling collide as Bernie Freytag takes us on yet another enchanting journey of exploration. Freytag writes, “depending strongly on how we look for it, how we feel for it, how our mind connects to it… the truth could possibly be that the Universe is hiding this magic in plain sight.” The Curious Reality in Imagination inspires us to tune our senses differently, to recognize cosmic connections, and to follow our instincts to reveal new truths. The result is a thought-provoking look at what the world might be when we invite our imagination to percolate through the realities of our existence." 

AJ Wojtalik
Poet, Storyteller
Colorado, USA



"Once in a while you come across a book that makes you pause….and wonder. It’s the kind of book that piques your curiosity and opens your mind to possibilities. You are holding that book right now. In these pages, Bernie allows you to wander with him from Iceland to Utah and from Walden Pond to Paris. His poetry, drawings and written words weave seamlessly together to create an experience on each and every page. Along the way, he gives you an opportunity to contemplate synchronicity, creativity, and the many mysteries of the universe. This isn’t the kind of book that you want to read quickly. Rather, it’s a book that you want to savor, pausing often to allow your creative imagination to flow and your own curiosity to run wild. When you get to the final page, you will discover that all of these wanderings bring you exactly where you needed to be."

Kelli O’Brien Watson
Owner, Scriptor Publishing Group
New York, USA



“After more or less two years cooped up in our homes from the pandemic, it’s refreshing to be reminded of just how creative, capable, and adventurous we all are at heart – we just need to let ourselves rediscover how those muscles work. 

Part travel log, part memoir, part study in curiosity and creativity, Bernie shares the moments and the mysteries that unlock the parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed or had gone dormant. Through doodling, dreaming, and most importantly doing, in the midst of recovery from a traumatic brain injury, The Curious Reality in Imagination is it fitting follow-up to Find Wonder in the Ordinary

After all, every act of creation starts with a little curiosity. If you would ever felt like you got a small peek behind the curtain of our universe through travel, books, music, or art, you’ll identify with Bernie’s stories, and maybe even re-discover more of your own creativity.”

Ryan Miller
Traveler, Storyteller, Songwriter, Connector.
New York, USA




“Bernie entertains, enriches, and elicits in his latest illustrated journey. I held this book in my hands and could hear the crumpling and unfolding as if I were traveling through a treasure map. I waited days before reading the last chapter. I didn't want it to end.”
Susan Roback
Shamanic Energy Medicine




“If you too have had the epiphany that very little of our reality is just a series of accidents, and you have that nagging feeling that something otherworldly is guiding us then, “The Curious Reality in Imagination” is a book written just for you. Bernie Freytag takes us along on his spiritual journey of the fifth dimension. Bernie touches on signs and synchronicities, quantum physics, the creative pulse, creates an epic soundtrack, and even does a little shadow work with a lighthearted voice. You begin this trip with Bernie meandering a supernatural mountain road in Iceland and you're right there in the passenger seat holding your breath. The adventure doesn’t stop with the turning of the pages but catapult us into an energy to find our own inspiration after the last chapter. Bernie is the perfect guide, as he navigates like a friend who goes ahead on the hike to find all the most magical spots. He lifts the veil just enough for us to take a peek at what he sees beyond our perceived reality, and is enthusiastically pointing at it with wonder and delight. If you’ve ever pondered for yourself some of the greater questions of our Universe, you will be nodding alongside him with each revelation. You’ll feel safe to explore here as he pulls you gently by the hand exclaiming, “Look what I found!” all the while connecting the dots, sharing personal truths and helping you to find acute joy in these human experiences. I will read this book again and again whenever I need to be reminded of the magic in the mysteries and how when you keep an open heart, the Universe speaks clearly.”
Heather Ueltschi Seymour




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