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Bernie Freytag

The Curious Reality In Imagination

The Curious Reality In Imagination

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The Universe can give us brief glimpses into its imagination. We can see this in the beauty of nature, and we can also see it within special moments in each day, through what people categorize as coincidences or serendipities. It’s my belief that when we open up our own imagination, we can synch up with the Universe, and find some sort of flow state. A place common within creativity, though I believe we have the potential to see it in the reality of every single day.

Interestingly, as this book came together, the Universe gingerly suggested changes in directions, as it often does, but never to this degree. I've jokingly called this book my creative odyssey because of how much it changed throughout the almost 3-year process. Which made the book, not only about the relationship with the Universe but also how it became a willing participant in the process. 

The book will arrive signed and as soon as I get shipment, most likely around Thanksgiving. It will also include some added bonuses. You can also purchase the book directly through Amazon here, though without a signature and added bonuses :) Thank you for being a huge part of my creative process. 


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