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Bernie Freytag

The Curious Reality In Imagination

The Curious Reality In Imagination

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An inspirational memoir chronicling my journey of discovery exploring the many mysteries within creativity, including the place (or space) where many artist’s minds may travel to produce their creations...and how it may blend into a collective reality. A book filled with original prose, poetry, and illustrations conjured during this literary pilgrimage of wonder and awe.

Interestingly, as this book came together, the Universe gingerly suggested changes in direction, as it often does, but never to this degree. I call this book my creative odyssey because of how much it changed throughout the almost 3-year process, which made the book, not only about the relationship with the Universe but also about how it became a willing participant in its writing.

The book will arrive signed and as soon, and directly from me. You can also purchase the book directly through Amazon here, though without a signature. If you are in the Central New York area, you can support some local businesses by buying at their stores - currently being sold at The Artisan's Corner in Clinton, NY and 20/East in Cazenovia, NY

Thank you for being a huge part of my creative process. 


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