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Bernie Freytag

Find Wonder in the Ordinary; A Kid's Book for Adults

Find Wonder in the Ordinary; A Kid's Book for Adults

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"This is my story of how I reconnected to my inner child, after a Traumatic Brain Injury, through observations both visibly and spiritually, and how that helped me see the world as it truly is." - Bernie Freytag

Find Wonder in the Ordinary is not only the story of one person’s journey back to their inner child, but it also helps the reader do the same. As children, we view the world quite differently. With a sense of wonder. As we grow older, this is somewhat pushed out of us. Occasionally we have moments where things remind us of being a child, but they are usually fleeting moments. This book helps regain that focus, that wonder. Through the author’s writings and whimsical drawings, you are reminded of how to find the wonder within ordinary things…and beyond. This book is a guide, or as the writer states, “it’s more like a drinking buddy.” It’s a companion that will definitely change how you see the world. In other words, it IS a kid’s book for adults.


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