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The Storytelling Coloring Book

The Storytelling Coloring Book

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The Story of the Storytelling Coloring Book
This year, my sister convinced me to sell my books and prints at a local Farmer’s Market. As I started to set up for that very first day, well before anyone was there, a kind gentleman stopped to talk to me about my work. I found out quickly he knew my family and he would come back later that day to buy a book. A few weeks later, when I could do the market again, this gentleman stopped and bought a few of my prints. These prints were of art for a book that had not come out yet (art on the following few pages in fact), and he asked what the story was behind the drawings. I told him they were more metaphorical in nature and no stories were really attached to them. He bought a few of the prints and said he was going to give them to his grandkids and see what stories they could come up with.
Not too long after the above story, I was showing a friend the book for which these drawings were created and he suggested doing a companion piece along with the book as a coloring book. Another brilliant idea, and when I imagined both ideas I thought, “Hey, the storytelling could be part of the coloring book, it could be the same book!”
So, this book was born, which brings us to the structure within these pages. Each drawing needs coloring. Each drawing also needs a story. I encourage you to play with both areas, as these are both great ways to be present in imagination! 
This book includes 10 pages of illustrations along with 10 pages for their stories. 
If you order here the book will come directly from me with minor shipping costs. You can always order directly from Amazon here, too.


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